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Fort Smith Nurse only NWT participant in Iceland marathon with Team Diabetes

I am honored and amazed to announce that I will participate in the Iceland Marathon on August 24th 2013 as a participant of Team Diabetes.

Team Iceland has 96 registered participants from Canada and I am thrilled to be the only NWT representative!

I kindly ask that you help me reach my goal of raising $6100.00

Any donation over $15 will get you a tax receipt. All money goes to help find a cure for diabetes.

Iceland is one of the many events that the Canadian Diabetes Association is involved with. The Iceland event alone will - at minimum - raise $585,600.00 towards diabetes - cure/research/support.

Please click here to make a pledge.

Please feel free to PM me on Facebook and/or stop me on the street - I have all the time in the world to answer questions.

Cheers :-) Leah MacDonald


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